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Rugby fitness training: A twelve month conditioning programme

I wrote this book in 2005 to teach players all over the world the concepts of Periodization. I have created an easy to follow system to allow you to design a fully periodized training plan. This will give you significantly improved results from your training.

The knowledge you will gain from the book about periodization will transform your approach to exercise forever after and prevent you becoming like 99% of rugby players who waste as much time as they put into their training

Chapter synopsis.

Chapter 1: Fitness fundamentals

All the basics about fitness training you need to know including the physical requirements of Rugby. This chapter cuts through the many myths of exercise.

Chapter 2: Training methodology

A discussion on the training methods you can use to transform your fitness and improve rugby performance. Covers every aspect of training from flexibility to weight lifting.

Chapter 3: Training exercises

The individual exercises you can use within each training method are explained with detailed descriptions and photos of yours truly performing the exercises.

Chapter 4: Testing

How to monitor progress and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

Chapter 5: Periodization basics.

The underlying theory of periodization. Learn how this theory must be used to achieve anywhere near your potential.

Chapter 6: Periodization for Rugby

The application of periodization to rugby with example schemes and set out plans to ensure you can never get stuck with your training and continue to make progress.

Chapter 7: Designing your own training plan.

A simple ten step method to allow you to design your very own periodized training plan.

Chapter 8: Example training programme.

A year long example programme will further clarify how your training programme can be put together for long term improvements


Blank forms and reference tables to allow you to build your own twelve month conditioning programme.

Where to buy it?

The cheapest place to buy my book is from Amazon.They have world wide distribution so you can purchase it where ever you may be based




Ben Wilson