Christopher Mullins-Silverstein
Chris is our current Musical Director. He has been a member of the London School of Samba since 2011. He has previously been a member of both percussion and symphonic groups in the United States.
Mestre Fred
Mestre Fred (Fred Turuka) is a bateria director for the London School of Samba. He was Musical Director between 2007 and 2012. He has been involved with many of the samba (and samba fusion) groups in London, such as B-Loco, Bloco Vida, Queijo Processado, Barking Bateria, Rhythms of Resistance, Verde Vai, Rhythms of the City, Chapa Quente, Sambal, as well as touring with famous Rio bloco ‘Monobloco’ on their UK tour in 2007, and other outreach projects across the UK. He has performed with our Madrinha (Godmother) samba school from Rio de Janeiro, Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel at carnaval in 2010, their sister school Unidos de Padre Miguel in 2012 and Sereno de Campo Grande in 2008.


Mestre Mags
Mags is one of the bateria directors. He was Musical Director between 2000 and 2007, leading the bateria at events in Algeria, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and a record 8 times at Notting Hill Carnival.
A performer in bands since 1980, he found LSS via Batucada Mandela in 1990. He has been an active member of the gigging bateria since 1991, and has performed over 20 times at Notting Hill Carnival. He began teaching at LSS workshops in 1995.
As well as being a member of the various committees that run LSS for many years, he was also responsible for delivering the LSS Outreach drum workshops in schools between 2000-2010 and was Outreach Director 2007-2010. He has taught samba in both primary and secondary schools in 22 London boroughs and has helped set up numerous samba groups in schools across London. Currently he works as a music teacher with various music services in London, and is Musical Director of Bloco Maluco, a group the LSS became Madrinha (Godmother) to in 2014. He has played with a samba school at the carnival in Rio, and various blocos in Salvador.


Karen do Queijo
Karen is a clarinet and sax graduate of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and began her samba journey back in 1996 with the Edinburgh Samba School. She joined LSS shortly after moving to London in 2004 and since then has performed, directed, and taught with many Brazilian-themed bands such as Rhythms of the City, Verde Vai, b-loco, Bloco X, Brighton School of Samba, Maracatu Estrela do Norte and Maracatudo Mafua amongst others.She has appeared on stages ranging from Glastonbury Festival and the Olympic Closing Ceremony,all the way to the local primary school fair, and occasionally makes attempts at performing classical music when her samba diary allows.


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