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Nutrition for rugby fitness training

Nutrition is the key to all and everything you do. Whether it is to optimize your muscular development, recovery from training or to aid in losing weight it is vital to eat what your body needs.

The world of nutrition is full of contradiction, controversy and mis information. The reason for this is that no-one accounts for our individual differences. The reality of the situation is that each of us has unique needs.

This is because we are as different internally as we are on the outside. Think of how many people look identical to you in appearance, yet we all have eyes, ears and a nose. Inside it is the same, we all have the same organs, tissues and enzymes but the concentration, shape and efficiency varies between all of us.

when you eat in accordance with your unique needs you are able to put on muscle more easily, maintain ideal body fat levels, enjoy greater benefits and improvements in performance from your training.

The solution to finding out your unique nutritional needs is metabolic typing. The science of personalized nutrition. Metabolic typing is performed on all my athletes who complete the Rugby performance course.


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